Qwikchute Chute Blocker / Deflector for Scag 52" Decks Lawn Mowers (Advantage Deck) NQD-SAD52

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Hand Operated Deflector for Scag Lawn Mowers with 52" Decks (Advantage Deck) NQD-SAD52
Part Number: NQD-SAD52
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Spec: Fits 52" Lawn Mower Decks
Models: Scag Lawn Mowers with 52” Decks (Advantage Deck)
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: In some cases, deck modifications may be required. Please call 1-800-704-4241 if you have any questions.

Qwikchute Chute Blocker / Deflector for Scag with 52" Advantage Deck Mowers Part # NQD-SAD5

With a push of the wrist and a couple seconds, the mower operator can adjust the discharge chute to one of three settings:

  1. Mulching (Closed)
  2. Full Discharge (Open)
  3. Partial Discharge (Partially Open)

Allows the operator to quickly adjust the discharge chute on-the-fly to obtain increased mowing speeds, maximum safety around pedestrians and vehicles, and clipping control around flower beds.

Constructed of heavy gauge steel, powder coat paint finish, replaceable high impact plastic door plate.

May Fit Other Brands & Models Which May Not Be Listed Below.

Fits the Following Models:
  • Scag with 52" Advantage Deck